Our Acknowledgements

We would like to thank D & D Bounce House Party Rental. These generous parents 20donated two of their bouncy houses, which were placed in the auditorium for all students with positive behavior to enjoy. The students had a blast!

We would like to thank Cypress Gardens Walmart of Winter Haven, FL for their generous grant donation to our school during the 2014-2015 school year. We used the grant funding to purchase therapy supplies and toys for the students so that they had things to play with while on the playground blacktop.

We would like to thank Harborside Restaurant owner, Nicole Layton  & Family for their generous donation to our Field Day Event! Mrs. Layton provided us with snacks, drinks, prizes, and a dunk tank! Our teachers, staff, and students had a wonderful time.

We would like to thank our very own Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) for their generous donation of hot dogs to our Field Day event. We had enough hot dogs to provide each student with 2 hot dogs each, for two days!

We would like to thank the families of the following students for their generous donation to our Field Day Event of 2015. Our students had a blast!!!

Scott Cayson
Griffin Futrell
Amir Maldanodo & Lucinda Jesse
Nicolas Pilka
Bryan Aviles
Kaitlin Samaro
Jacqueline Parent
Anthony Colon
Noah Riley
Gianna Soto
Javier Soto
Travis Roberts
Justin Zavala
Ivan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez
Diego Quiones
Caleb Goodwin
Jadelyn Hall

Our own staff:
Cheryl Thornton
Cathy Bennett
Sheila & Shawn Wiles
Eric Gooden
Trneice Williams
Joel Woodside
Tashawn Williams
Courtney Davis
Heike Reeves